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The MG600 EVE is the much waited upgrade for the MG600.  With far superior night and day quality the MG600-EVE boasts superior night quality to similar cameras. Furthermore, the upgraded hardware for the MG600-EVE provides it more power to be able to show the finer details all the time.

With the remote lens, this camera provides discreetness, and quality in one package.

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Zoran Coach 12P

Image Sensor:


Image Sensor Resolution:

2 Mega Pixels


7P Element Glass, 150° Diagonal Viewing Angle, F/1.8


2.7'', Capacitive-Touch Screen

Special Feature:

Super Capacitor (Wide Working Temperature), Capacitive-Touch Screen, Separeted Camera

Video Resolution:

1920*1080 @30fps



File Type:


OSD Language:



Up to 128GB Micro-SD card (not included)

Power Supply:

Car Charger, Super Capacitor

Off Delay:



Micro-USB1 (Cam in) Micro-USB2 (Backup), Micro-SD Card Slot, DC-in

Incident File Protect:

Automatic by G-sensor (3-axis) / Manual by button


84*96*52mm (Master),60*28*22mm(SeparetedCamera)




Car Charger, USB Cable, Manual, 3M Sticky,