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The 2Q Action Camera is a cheap and reliable action camera that has 3.2k resolution at 30fps and 1080P 60fps.  The camera is small in size and has a LCD screen in order to review footage and change settings.  The camera comes with standard a waterproof case and various accessories so you can use the camera for whatever you want straight away.

For a great camera at a cheap price look no further than the 2Q sold exclusively on

Scroll to the bottom to watch video footage.

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In stock later this week.


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Secure Payment
Secure Payment

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Image Sensor Resolution

:4 Mega Pixels


170 ° wide angle



Video Resolution:

3200*1800 @30fps, 2560*1440 @30fps, 1920*1080 @60fps 



File Type:


Photo Resoltion:


OSD Language:



Up to 64GB micro-SD card (not included)

Power Supply:

Li-ion Battery 3.7V/900mAh

Bettery Life:

1.5 Hours (Wifi Function off)


Micro-USB, Micro-HDMI, Micro-SD Card Slot