JooVuu X Dashcam & Action Camera - 1080P 60fps, 2.5k, WiFi, GPS, Discreet




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Discover more on our website at  JooVuu X and see the success we are having! The JooVuu X is a micro car camera that captures journeys in 1080P 60fps and 2.5k resolution.  It is specifically design to be reliable whilst providing the best image quality around.  

The Best Around 
The JooVuu X, has won glowing praise from PC Advisor, Trusted Reviews, and Camera Jabber - but most importantly from all of it's previous customers for it's image quality and ease of use.

Powered By Quality 
While most dash cams are built on the cheap Novatek chips, the JooVuu X is built on the high end Ambarella A7 chip, which has far better stability and recording quality.

WiFi + PC 
Change settings, view/download videos,  and more with either our Android or iOS apps.  You can connect the JooVuu X to the PC Program and have the same functionality as the smartphone apps.

Auto & Loop Recording 
The JooVuu X automatically detects the moment you turn on your car and stars recordings. You don't have to turn the camera on every time you drive - it does it for you! Easily overwrite old files so your journeys are recorded non-stop. You can record in: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10min clips, or continous.

Crash Detection 
Our smart G-Sensor detects any crashes, collisions, or bumps and automatically locks the recording file for later viewing.

Wide Dynamic Range + High Dynamic Range Technology 
With WDR + HDR technology the image quality is far superior to every camera on the market. Dark spots and night time video have fantastic details thanks to our custom and optimized technology.

Timed Mode 
Seamlessly switch between night and day time video settings to get the best video quality possible -  NO OTHER CAMERA CAN DO THIS

- 1 x JooVuu X 
- 1 x Data/Charging USB Cable 
- 1 x GPS Charger 
- 1 x Sticky Back Mount 

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Full Feature List:

Video Resolution:

  • 2560P 30fps
  • 2304P 30fps
  • 1080P 60/30fps/HDR
  • 720P 60/30fps

Main Settings

  • Sync date and time
  • Beep Noises (on/off)
  • Recording LED Indicator (on/off)
  • Default Mode Camera Starts (mode 1, mode 2)
  • Standby Time (off, 1, 3, 5minutes)
  • Power Off Disconnect (immediate, 3, 10seconds)
  • Motion Detection (on/off)
    • Motion Detection Sensitivity (low, medium, high)
    • Motion Turn Off (off, 5seconds)
  • TV Out (PAL, NTSC)
  • G-Sensor (on/off)
    • G-Sensor Sensitivity (low, medium, high)
  • Car Plate Stamp (on/off – up to 10 characters can be entered)
  • WiFi Password (changeable)
  • Speed Stamp (on/off)
    • Speed Stamp Unit (mph, kph)
  • Timed Mode (on, off)
    • Start Time
    • End Time
  • Power On Delay (off, 5seconds, 10 seconds)
  • Low Battery Warning (on/off)
  • Show Connection Logs (on/off)
Mode Settings 
  • Video Resolutions (listed above)
  • Audio (on/off)
  • Video Time Stamp (on/off)
  • Image Rotation (normal, 180, auto)
  • Loop Recording (on/off)
    • Video Clip Length (1, 2, 3, 5, 10minus, continuous)
  • Video Bit Rates (high, medium, low)
  • WDR (on/off)
  • Field of View (155, 120, 90, 60degrees)
  • Time Lapse Video (off, 1, 5, 10, 30seconds)

Advanced & other Settings

White Balance Settings (Global Settings)
  • Exposure (40 choices)
  • Sharpness (6 choices)
  • Contrast (254 choices)
  • Saturation (254 choices)
  • White Balance: Auto, Sunny, Cloudy

Other Functions

  • Format MicroSD Card
  • Send Report
  • App Version
  • Firmware Version


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