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Introduction to the Mobius Dashcam

This is the complete guide to using the Buy Cheap Soma In Australia in your car. We will take you through the camera’s set up and usage to make sure you get the best out of this piece of kit!

On first glance you could be forgiven for underestimating it due to its simple user interface and trim design. But when you start using it, and especially after you connect it to your computer, you’ll realise the customisation and adjustability the dashcam offers. The combination of the simple camera and having all the settings on the computer means that once it’s set up, the process of recording journeys is seamless.


Whats in the box?

Opening up the JooVuu padded packaging, you are greeted by all the necessities required for a great car camera experience. The accessories included ensure you will be able to charge, secure and mount your camera for a range of purposes in your vehicle. Rather than list the accessories include we thought we’d include this nice diagram indicating what each piece was before we elaborate on how they work!

All equipment for the Mobius Car Camera Pack

The cable is a standard microUSB cable, so if you need a replacement you’ll have no trouble at all. The windscreen mount has two features that make it great (and believe us as we’ve seen a fair few of these mounts!). The first feature is the locking ball mechanism. This makes adjusting so much easier than some of the hair-brained contraptions that we’ve encountered in the past. Secondly, it has a suction locking mechanism which performs very well. We’ve included an image below so you get the idea of how the camera attaches to the mount.


Mobius connecting to the dashcam mount


The cigarette lighter USB adapter is standard so nothing special to report there. The case clips onto the camera - make sure it’s done properly as it needs a good squeeze to get it on. With the case/mount connector, the little square piece of kit in the bottom right hand corner of the first image pops into the square gap in the middle of the case. Again, give this a good squeeze.

The cable hooks are ideal if you plan on making the camera a permanent feature as they keep the cables neat and tidy and out the way of gear sticks and handbrakes. The double-sided adhesive is an optional thing and is probably more suited to if the Mobius is used as an action camera. Lastly the alan key there to take it apart if needs be.


The Camera

The unit its self is a really pleasant bit of kit. It has a nice feel with well-made buttons for simple operation. And it is also tiny in size which makes is perfect for a hidden car camera. The camera is no bigger than a match box with a lens at one end. It’s remarkably light, weighing less than 50g (without the case). It has three buttons on the top: ‘on/off’, ‘function’ and ‘shutter button’. The use of this determines the colour and how the LED light behaves.


Mobius dashboard camera side on view


Note don’t be fooled by the silver arrows on the top face (like we were). They are not buttons, but in fact heat conductors designed to help prevent the camera from overheating.  

On the back you’ll find the output interface. The MicroSD card slot is capable of taking a card up to 128GB so is able to store huge amounts of footage! The charging port for the microUSB can also be found here and if you look closely the reset button is also located here.



Now to the more complex bit.

Firstly what you need to know is none of the camera’s settings can be adjusted without a computer. This means it need to be connected using the the microUSB cable.

The way this camera works is when you first turn it on, the camera downloads the default settings onto the card so it is ready to go straight out of the box. To change this, plug the camera into your computer and then use the software available for free on the Mobius site (see link below). The settings can be changed and then uploaded back onto the camera, removing the existing ones so it is now operating using your preferred settings. Hopefully that makes sense! Now follow this bullet pointed guide below which breaks it down step by step:


The procedure (1) is;

  1. When first switching the camera on you need to download the camera's default settings to the card. This is done by holding down the function and on/off button, keep these held down.
  2. Hold them down until the red LED flashes 3 times. This may take up to 5 seconds.
  3. Now release both buttons.


The procedure (2) is quite similar to modify the settings on the camera:

  1. Connect the Mobius to the computer. It will be recognised as a mass storage device.
  2. Load the settings for the Mobius using the software. For PC it is called ‘mSetup’ and for Mac is it ‘Mobius manager’.
  3. Then change the settings accordingly. Please note - there are hundreds to choose from so take your time to make sure you’ve checked all of them.
  4. Save the settings to the camera
  5. Safely remove the Mobius from your computer.
  6. Use procedure 1 to get the camera using your new settings.


Once this is done you’ll have your Mobius dashcam ready with your preferred settings and will only ever have to connect the Mobius to your computer to download the footage and images. Here are a couple of screen shots of both the PC and Mac settings window. And below, we’ve included some very useful forums and links to the Mobius site if you ever have a problem using it.


Windows mSetup


MobiusManager for Mac



As you can see in the screen shots above there are numerous tabs with plenty of settings on each so you can customise your Mobius to get exactly what you want from it.


Here are the useful links for troubleshooting if you need them:

1. This link takes you to the actual Mobius software download page

Carisoprodol Usp 350Mg


2. This link is useful if your’re having problems with the setup:

Buy Soma American Express


3. Here for updating firmware:

Carisoprodol 350 Mg Abuse


4. More in-depth and specific questions answered by enthusiastic users:

Soma 350 Mg Overdose


Positioning in the car

This is relatively simple. Firstly, wet the mount and sucker it onto your window screen. The position of this is up to you, most people put it right in front of the driver, either at the bottom or top of the windscreen. This gives an accurate representation of what the driver can see. Others put it right in the middle at the bottom of the windscreen to give a good view of the entire road.

The camera attaches to the mount via a screw thread on the case and there is a locking wheel to help position it securely.


Transferring footage

The camera connects to your computer via the microUSB cable by plugging it straight into the computers USB port. The camera then powers up and the LED goes blue and appears like a removable disk on your computer. The files will now appear in chronological order and you can open them, copy them and do as you please.

Another way to do it is by using a card reader or SD card adapter which allows you to connect the SD card to the computer without using the camera. Either way, transferring your footage is nice and easy.


Summary of the Mobius

This is a high quality, compact car camera. It offers a lot of customisation for those you want to make use of the free computer software. And it captures great footage so you never miss a second of your journey should you need to watch it back. The Mobius is very discreet making it perfect for a hidden dashboard camera. And above all, it is astonishingly well-priced.  Here at JooVuu, the Mobius car pack starts at just £67.05 and includes the mounts, charger, charging cable and cable clips seen in this guide*.


Listaflex Carisoprodol 350 Mg 

Buy Indian Soma.

*Prices correct as of 13 Jan 2015