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Soma 350 Mg Street Price, Buy Cheap Soma Online

This is the definitive surfer's guide to the Buy Cheap Soma In Australia. We look at how this cam performs amoungst the waves and take you through the surfing accessories on offer. Let's get started! 

SJ4000 Introduction

I recently had the opportunity to test and get some time to play with theCarisoprodol Usp 350Mg with the main focus to use it whilst surfing. I wanted to give some initial imprcuressions and thoughts on the camera, and further provide a guide to using the camera for surfing. On first glance the cam is an extremely handy bit of kit. It is common that people are willing to pay exceptional prices for action cameras. There is nothing worse for us watersports users than losing our action sports camera and realising you have to take out a fat loan in order to replace it. Well times are changing. Action cams no longer need to have a remarkable price tag. This camera is an example of a new era, packing some exceptional features (LCD screen, Zoom, 1080p, 720p-60fps) at an even more exceptional price tag. It is a relief using a camera and not fearing losing its weight in gold. Especially for water users and drone flyers, this alternative is a low risk equivalent for getting the shots you previously feared to explore.


What’s in the box?


Inside the box alongside the camera you will find a wealth of accessories and mounts. By no means is there any ‘skimping’ on accessories provided. This is refreshing as at such a small price tag you could worry the cam would come close to no attachments, and then charge out the nose for further mounts. It is nice having this variety of mounts meaning if wanted, the camera can be used in different sports or day-to-day life. The list of what is included is extremely elongated, so to keep you sane I feel it’s better to just show you.



Usefully the mounting system follows the same mount as GoPro, and will fit in a variety of your mounts previously owned or those you would wish to buy. This proves very handy for those who already have surfboards with GoPro mounts attached, saving you the job of relentlessly scraping adhesive off your board (a nightmare, trust me!).

In terms of surfing there are a few key items. The camera (obviously), board mount, wrist mount and the floaty lanyard (don’t want it sleeping with the fishes). These are the mounts you will be looking to most in order to get some footage during a surf session.


We will go into more detail on how to use these surf mounts and mounting procedures further down the line, but firstly let’s talk about the camera itself.


The Camera

On first hold the camera feels extremely lightweight. The casing has a bomb-proof feel to it, and the latching system feels extremely secure when locked. The incorporation of an LCD screen is real seller, which is seamlessly incorporated into the rear of the camera. The camera has a series of four buttons on it for. Holding the front button will lead to a ‘welcome’ message on the LCD screen and the cam will power up. It boots up in video mode ready to capture in a matter of a couple seconds. Further presses of the front button lead through the camera functions (Video, Photo, Playback, Settings). To begin recording or capture images a press on the top button starts capture. The two buttons on the side are handy in scrolling up and down through settings and whilst using playback on the cam to scroll through footage, they also act as a zoom function whilst in shooting modes providing up to x4 zoom (another cheeky little feature I was pleasantly surprised about).



Size is extremely important for action camera users, as no one wants something so big it gets in the way of your surf or something that anchors the nose of your board.



For a size comparison I have compared it to the GoPro 4 Silver Edition, which also features an LCD screen on the rear of the camera. It is a tad larger than the GoPro when inside the waterproof casing. However in terms of handheld weight, I struggle to decide a winner.





After booting the camera up there are a few things to consider before jumping in the water. The camera takes MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards (again consistent with GoPro handily), which will need to be purchased before you can get some shots throwing shakkas in the barrel. I normally go for 32GB, which has plenty enough memory to film a good few sessions (The camera only records on cards up to 32gb in capacity so don’t go too crazy). It’s better having more space for those long pumping surfs where running to the car to change SD card is never an option. It’s always good to invest a little more in a high-speed card as well, which makes data transfer that bit smoother. Once good to go, slip it in the side until it clicks into place.



If you have used the card before it is an idea to format the card. To do this scroll down the settings until you get to format, this will clear the card so make sure it’s backed up if there is stuff you wish to keep.



The cam has a load of features in the setup menu, but once you know what your looking for it is relatively easy to setup. Firstly the resolution box appears letting you select what quality and fps (frames per second) you wish to film in (Useful so you can change film settings/quality quickly). I tend to film in 1080 at 30fps, however when the surf is pumping and you want some slow mo shots filming in 720 at 60 fps will give much smoother footage when slowed down. This is handily followed by all the video settings, before moving onto the photo and additional camera setup options.





A nice feature is the option to have a date stamp on your videos, this gives an opportunity to track your session. You can check out the times and durations of each wave during each session, which is pretty cool. It appears with a small stamp in the bottom left of the video, however once filmed with this setting on you cannot remove it post-production! The camera will first start up with this date stamp ON, so make sure to turn it OFF during setup if you don’t want this feature.


Capture mode lets you pick the frequency of the still images in photo mode. You can choose to take a single picture or a photo every 3, 5, 10 or 20 seconds throughout the session. Making time-lapses a doddle. Following the capture mode, this little gizmo packs a lot of features in the photo front. You can change the image size (max 12 megapixels), quality, sharpness, white balance, colour (black and white and sepia features), ISO and exposure. This means you can fully customise your images just how you want them.

If you don’t fancy fiddling with those – no worries, it will still take sterling photos.

A quick review allows you to see the photo you’ve just taken after shooting which saves you flicking through to the playback menu. Again there is a date stamp option for photos so make sure to turn it OFF during setup if you don’t want this feature. During setup make sure to change the date and time so that if you do use date stamp then it is legit. Auto power OFF is a good feature if you are worried about battery life, and could save some power during lulls.


Mounting to Surfboard

Mounting to your board is a doddle. The mount feels really sturdy and comes with a separate adhesive leash and mount lock for extra security. Firstly remove the lock so that you can clip the camera mount out of the board mount. Squeeze the two clips together and the camera mount will slide out.



The mount is a nice size and is pretty lightweight so doesn’t take too much space. When compared to the GoPro surfboard mount they come up pretty exact in terms of size. Before mounting, clean the top surface of the board where you are going to mount, as you don’t want any sand or residue to getting on the adhesive.


Play about with camera positioning before sticking, making sure it is central along the board stringer and that it is far enough up to capture a good angle. As the mount is flat you need to take into account the rocker of the board, if you have it too close to the end of the board the mount will not stick as effectively having less board surface contact.


                             Curved                                                                                                  Flat

Whilst playing with where you want the camera mounted you can attach the camera in the mount to show what angle it will capture. On shorter boards its good to make sure where you are mounting it will actually get you in whilst surfing. Luckily it’s a pretty wide angle lens (170 degree) so it shouldn’t have to be hanging off the nose of your board just to get your head in.


When you have a location where you are happy for the mount to sit, then peel back the red adhesive cover and stick away. Be really careful in positioning as if you mess it up the adhesive will lose some stick. It is best when sticking down to take the camera out of the mount so that you can push down with your hand and apply some downwards pressure evenly. I would put the main mount on first then place the leash on afterwards, again holding it down for a few seconds to make sure it sticks firmly. Once I have mounted I tend to reapply some pressure an hour or so afterwards just incase. Some people say to wait 24 hours for the adhesive to properly bind, which is up to you but I wouldn’t let it stop you if the waves are on and you haven’t got 24 hours to spare. If you feel like it is stuck evenly and can see around the corners that it is firmly attached it should be right as rain.


Whilst surfing, you can reattach the security clip just for peace of mind that the camera is secure in the mount. Using the camera in this mount gives a nice ‘selfie’ image of your whole body and also a cool angle whilst paddling and duck diving underneath waves. It is also a good tool for watching your surfing technique and seeing your body movements.


Using the Wrist Strap

The inclusion of a Buy Soma American Express is nice and allows you to get another perspective whilst surfing. Wearing the strap on the hand closest to the pocket works best, i.e. if your goofy footed wear on left wrist and on the right hand for regular footers. Making sure the camera is at a good angle is key when filming with the wrist strap. A lot of the time you will find yourself adjusting your arm positioning in order to get good shots whilst on the wave. Having the camera facing forward on the top of the wrist, and then positioning your trailing elbow at around a right angle degree tends to get a view of the wave with some of your body and board thrown in. The strap is extremely simple to put on, just make sure it is pretty tight and fully strapped together before getting in the water.


Using the Floaty Lanyard

The Carisoprodol 350 Mg Abuse is easy to attach and is good when you want to swim out to the channel and get some footage of your mates in the water. It tightens around the wrist and is pretty bright so if you did drop it in the water it would be spotted pretty easily. If you have a chest zip wetsuit you can even tuck it in the chest pouch whilst surfing or swimming out and get the camera out for some handheld action, without the worry of it sinking.


Screen grabs from hand-held follow cam using the floaty lanyard.


Additional tricks - Mouth Mount

In nice surf a really neat angle is from the emerging mouth mounts. Not many companies within theUKare distributing these at the moment but they are pretty simple to make using the mounts provided. You can use the wrist mount quite comfortably by biting the wrist plate and holding the camera upside down in the mouth whilst surfing. Filming like this gives a nice POV shot. 


When filming like this it will record upside down, but in the camera settings menu you can rotate the capture settings. Or quite easily rotate the video on the computer following recording. I always tend to attach the camera to my wetsuit using a shoelace just incase it falls out, and stash in my wetsuit chest pouch whilst paddling out (for ease of breath!). You can even attach the floaty lanyard for further peace of mind.


Here are some clips from a test run of the camera using a mouth mount made from the wrist strap:


Transferring Footage to Your Computer

The camera has a USB port allowing easy transfer of footage to a computer. On top of this there is also a HDMI port so that the camera can be connected to a HDTV as another way to review footage post session with your buddies. Transferring the footage to the computer is simple and there are a couple ways of doing this. The first way is to use the provided USB cable and plug the camera directly into the computer with the MicroSD card still in the camera.


The camera will boot up and give you two options; mass storage or PC camera. Select mass storage with the top button to transfer footage, the PC camera option gives you the opportunity to use the camera as an external webcam.


After selecting mass storage the camera screen will go blue. The camera will now pop up on your computer, or be available in ‘finder’ on mac or ‘my computer’ on windows.


Open the camera files and your videos and photos will be in there. The camera separates footage into folders depending on time of recording, which is handy and will keep footage from each surf session separate. All videos and photos will be placed in chronological order. Browse off the camera or copy the files over to your computer for safe keeping.


Another way to do it is by placing the SD card into the memory card port on your laptop or desktop if it has one. A lot of MicroSD cards come with an SD card adaptor that can be plugged into computers with a SD card port. Either way transferring your footage is nice and easy.


SJ4000 Summary

This camera has excellent video quality, and provides a great action camera for those wanting a cheap alternative in order to film their surfing. This camera is available here at JooVuu for a mere £58.99 (no wifi model). At the quite frankly crazy cheap cost considering the features, surfers can capture their experiences without the worry. The camera proved simple to use whilst in the water and the battery life does not let you down. If you are looking for a camera to record the occasional surf trip or epic session, then the SJ4000 really doesn’t hold back on features or capabilities whilst amongst the waves.


 The SJ4000 is £69.99* for the wifi model, and £58.99* without wifi.

Soma 350 Mg Overdose to buy yours today! 


*Prices correct as of 19 December 2014