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Soma 350Mg Online, Soma 350 Mg Dosage


Chipset :Zoran Coach 12P
Image sensor :Sony IMX322
Lens :135°,7G.F1.8
Screen :2.7" Touch screen LCD
Resolution 1920x1080 @30fps | 1280x720 @60fps 
Video codec :H.264
Photo size :5M
Language :English. Chinese.Russian
Support Memory card :Maximum 32GB

Interface: Mini-USB ,Cam-IN
Power supply: Super Capacitor |Car charger: DC12/24V-DC5V/1A

Support GPS positiong

Advantage of this camera: with built-in super capacitor,after power off,it could still record for 10 seconds,then power off by itself,the last file could be saved properly and will not be lost.And also,it could resist high temperature very well.

Features :

*Display screen and mini camera is seperate

*360degree rotatable discreet Mini camera

(with 3M adhsive double sided tape)


English user manual 

USB data transfer cable

Car charger

sticky pad

Main body with screen

Micro camera

Soma Buy Discrete


Soma Overnight Fedex Buy Generic Soma

Secure Payment
Secure Payment

Soma 350Mg Online, Soma 350 Mg Dosage


This product mainly has the following features.

1)Discrete camera module design. It's easier and more convenient for installation.

2) Time-sharing dual-channel recorder, is equipped with one front/rear camera switch button. 

3)2.7” TFT LCD with capacitive touch panel and 16,000,000 true color display.

4) Direct power supply from vehicle cigarette lighter, DC 12 ~ 24V.

5)High-definition video quality, the front and rear view camera both support the resolution of 1920X1080 30FPS,1280X720 30FPS,and 1280X720 60FPS.

6) Full HD video resolution:


7) H.264/MPEG4 AVC video encoding with MP4 file type.

8)High sensitivity CMOS sensor with fantastic WDR algorithm.

9) 7-glass lens, FNO. 1.8, field of view 170 degree (diagonal). 

10) Support up to 128GB micro SD/SDHC card(TF card).

11)Exclusive scene recognition algorithm, advanced image signal processing and excellent image quality.

12) Seamless and cyclical recording with 1 second overlapping supported.

13) Smart motion detect algorithm with 5 seconds pre-recording.

14) Event recording with robust abnormity detect algorithm based on built-in G-sensor.

15) Built-in MIC with mute operation support by hotkey.

16)Built-in super capacitor for UPS backup when cutting off external power supply.

17) Support multiple languages.

18) Support external mobile power bank supply

19)Support GPS tracking