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Carisoprodol 350 Mg Many Get High - Buy Soma Online Mastercard



When small isn’t small enough, there’s the Mobius 808#16 Keychain Camera.   At less than 50 millimeters long and weighing only 17 grams, it’s perfectly sized to come with you anywhere.  The Mobius 808 has a 120 degree wide-angle field of vision and records in 720p HD at 30 fps. The latest version offers improved sharpness and white balance.

Downloadable software (available Carisoprodol 350 Mg Abuse) allows the camera to interact with any compatible android device.  It’s the perfect way to get maximum functionality out of minimal equipment!



Soma 350 Mg Overdose

Expected to be in stock late in April


Buy Indian Soma Order Soma Cod

Secure Payment
Secure Payment

Carisoprodol 350 Mg Many Get High - Buy Soma Online Mastercard

QuantityPriceYou Save
10 £24.17 Up to £25.00

More info

Basic Specifications:
• 808 Car Key Chain Micro Camera This is the brand new version: #16, V3 The new version has added TV output (video only), so the camera cannot be used for FPV.
• This package will use a new wide angle lens (we call it Lens D). It captures 120 degrees.

Key features
• 1/4” CMOS WXGA HD Sensor / H.264/AVC1 DSP / 512M DDR2
• Rechargeable LIPO Battery (250mah), with Battery Charger Manage IC
• Video: 720P HDH.264/AVC1 video codec, 1280 x 720 30fps .mov
• Photo: JPG 1280*960 (no degrading by upsizing to interpolated "5 megapixel" size)
• MicroSD card slot, supports up to 32GB (memory card not included), we suggest using Class 4 or above
• USB2.0, plug and play, easy connection with computers, no driver needed.
• Super mini size, only around 50mm (L) x 32mm (W) x 13mm (H)
• Super light-weight: only 17g

Details and specifications of the 808 #16
New Lens and totally new circuit board design. Improvements in the video:
- Overall sharpness: improved
- White balance control / color shifting issue: improved
- Saturation / and contrast boost issue: colors look much more natural now
- Darker corner/edge vignetting issue: improved
- No more low battery buzzing artifact in video
- You only need one Standard USB Data cable for charging and data exchange with your computer
- Can be configured using the Setup tool
- Supports optional 'loop recording'
- You can set the date and time (white much smaller on the lower left corner), and toggle the date/time stamp on or off
- You can toggle video output frame size from 1280x720 30fps (default), to 848x480 30fps, or 640x480 30fps

Package includes:
1 x 808 #16 HD Keychain Camera
1 x USB cable
1 x velcro
1 x TV out cable


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