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    Chipset :Zoran Coach 12PImage sensor :Sony IMX322Lens :135°,7G.F1.8Screen :2.7" Touch screen LCDResolution 1920x1080 @30fps | 1280x720 @60fps Video codec :H.264Photo size :5MLanguage :English. Chinese.RussianSupport Memory card :Maximum 32GB Interface: Mini-USB ,Cam-INPower supply: Super Capacitor |Car charger: DC12/24V-DC5V/1A Support GPS positiong... Chipset :Zoran Coach 12PImage sensor :Sony IMX322Lens...

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    The MG600 EVE is the much waited upgrade for the MG600.  With far superior night and day quality the MG600-EVE boasts superior night quality to similar cameras. Furthermore, the upgraded hardware for the MG600-EVE provides it more power to be able to show the finer details all the time. With the remote lens, this camera provides discreetness, and quality... The MG600 EVE is the much waited upgrade for the MG600.  With far...

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    Why not check out the JooVuu X Camera?  Better quality, Free CPL filter, better features, UK owned company, constantly updated, WiFi, GPS, and MUCH MORE!  Buy one today for a few pounds more at: The Mobius Car Pack allows you to record every journey in your car in amazing high definition.  With the Mobius... Why not check out the JooVuu X Camera?  Better quality, Free CPL...

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