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Precio reducido Soporte acolchado Ver más grande

Soma Drug Online, Buy Watson Carisoprodol 350 Mg


Coloca este soporte en el salpicadero o la parte trasera de tu coche para sujetar del modo más seguro cualquier aparato de sujeción adhesiva o con ventosa.

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Secure Payment

Soma Drug Online, Buy Watson Carisoprodol 350 Mg


    • This high quality in car dashboard beanbag mount is sturdy and durable and is compatible with any device which uses a suction mount.
    • This universal bean bag dashboard mount allows you to mount your navigation device on the dashboard of your vehicle. Non-skid backing and safety anchor ensure it stays in place. Can be easily removed and stowed away leaving no sign of a navigation device in the car. Smooth Mount Pad Suitable for Every Suction Mountand & fits most cars.
  • Features:

    • Non-slip bottom keeps the mount in place in the bumpiest conditions.
    • Weighted Beanbag stops sliding on corners
    • Smooth Mount Pad Suitable for Every Suction Mount
    • No additional pieces or installation required.
    • Provides a safe and functional alternative to windscreen docks.


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