All items are shipped on weekdays at 4pm GMT.  If an order is placed after 4pm it will be shipped at 4pm the next working day or Saturday at 12:15pm.  All orders will be shipped for the service you pay for unless specifically informed by JooVuu.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances occasionally post may be shipped 2nd Class but the customer will be made aware of this.  Parcels sent 1st class usually take 1-2 business days to arrive but can take longer.  2nd Class postage usually takes between 3 – 6 business days 

For all countries outside of the UK, we use Royal Mail Air Mail – Standard.  This service is advertised as taking between 3-8 business days depending on country of delivery.  For Europe (EU and non-EU countries) and North America we find that most packages arrive within 3-5 business days however this can take longer.  Countries outside of Europe and North America most packages take between 4-8 business days however it can take longer.

Here are the prices for shipping to each region: these are only estimates and pricing may vary but it should give a rough idea for shipping.  Remember your shipping price is based on weight and various other factors.

 Prices in other currencies may vary depending on exchange rate.  


Starting shipping cost

Maximum cost

(ending at 1.9kg)







Europe excluding EU (including Norway, Switzerland, Iceland)



Asia (including Australia and New Zealand)



Africa (including South Africa)



South America



North America



Russia & Ukraine (due to ongoing conflict)





For DHL, the advised length of term for delivery is between 2-4 days (Standard Mail).  Tracked it should be 1-3 days.  However, parcels can take longer to arrive due to various issues which we have no control over.  Please allow up to 9 working days before contacting us that the parcel has not arrived.  We will then initate our lost postage procedures (as stated below) but expedited as DHLs allows it to be quicker (we wait a further 4 days and then re-post).

Whilst we ship our parcels with DHL for international postage (minus Russia), DHL may use a 3rd party courier who is not DHL.  We have NO control over this what so ever.  DHL will have handled all the processing and logistics and this company is simply delivering the parcel - we have no control over this and by agreeing to use our website you agree that this may occur.

Postage can take longer and we wil not be held responsible for delays in shipping.  We will do our best to advise you of current shipping times but once we hand it over to Royal Mail we no control over the time it takes.

Lost Postage:
We obtain and retain a proof of postage for every package we send. If you have not received your parcel after 10 business days since postage, please inform us by emailing us by with a subject indicating lost post.  This email MUST contain your order reference number.  If you inform us after the 10 business days has passed we reserve the right to investigate further before we proceed with a lost package procedure.  If you inform us after 1 month that your post has not arrived we will NOT grant a refund and replacement.

Once any mail has been sent we have no control over how long it will take etc unless we have the package tracked.  Therefore we have to comply with the Royal Mail Lost & Damaged Post criteria.  For domestic post the guidelines can be found here: 

And for international mail the process guidelines can be found here: 

In summary, we CANNOT file a claim, refund, or send another product until the allotted time has passed.  For inland items this is 15 business days, and for international mail it is 25 business days.  If you have not received your parcel from the date you receive your 'shipped' email, you have between 7-15 business days to inform us.  If you inform us after this time it is up to our discretion whether or not we reship the item.  If you inform us after 30 business days that your item has not arrived we will NOT REPLACE OR REFUND YOUR ITEM.

All non-faulty items except camera film have 21 days to be returned for a full refund.  After the 21 days (3 weeks) have expired items cannot be returned for a full refund. A product has to be in its original form and any alterations, addons, changing of componenst, or breaking of any seals may void the warranty.  A credit slip for the exact amount may also be requested.  All items that are returned must be sent back to JooVuu for inspection and include an order reference number or shipping address that the faulty item was sent to. The owner of the item must package and send the item in a safe manner and ensure that the item is not damaged in transit to JooVuu.  If the item is deemed to be faulty and/or the customer would like a full refund the customer will be reimbursed with the cost of shipping (no more than £3.50).  Proof of shipping cost must be provided in the the package when returned or no refund for shipping will be given. 

To return a product to us the customer needs to fill in the following form. After pressing submit a page with a bar code will appear on screen. This needs to be printed and included in the parcel you are sending back to us otherwise we cannot process a return.

The form must be on the inside of the parcel. If it is on the outside and the parcel goes missing (JooVuu Limited) cannot be held responsible and is under no obligation to refund or replace the customers product.

If an item is damaged or broken or not as described you have 7 days from receiving the item to inform us.  After that no refund will be given.  By buying a product you agree to this.

If an item is deemed to be faulty or damaged due to the customers use, or any alterations have been made or outside components used, a refund will NOT be given.  The customer will then be contacted on whether he/she wants a new item at normal pricing, whether he/she wants the item disposed of, or whether the customer would like the item sent back.  If the customer would like the item sent back to him or her, standard shipping charges will apply and must be paid in full before the item will be shipped.  

If an item becomes faulty through the first thirty days (30) the customer can return it for a full refund.  From 31 days to 6months the product must be exchanged and no refund can be given.  After this period, (JooVuu Limited) cannot be held responsible and is under no obligation to refund or replace the customers product.

In stock items: items can be cancelled up until 4pm that day.  If an order is placed after 4pm that order can be cancelled until 4pm the following working day.  If the order is placed after 4pm on a Friday a customer has until 11:30am on the next day (Saturday) to cancel an item.  If an item is cancelled a full reimbursement will be provided.

Warranty:                                                                                                                                                                            We offer 6 months warranty on all of our products, and continuous support until you die. However after 6 months if the manufacturer agrees to it we can process a warranty claim.

Did not receive everything.

Occassionally we make mistakes (yes <- that mistake is on purpose), if we do you have 5 days (five days) from receiveing your order to inform us and we will ship out the correct goods that are missing.

The above does NOT AFFECT your statutory rights.