Product Sourcing. since May 2013 has built up quite a network and knowledge of factories out in China.  We remember when we started sourcing products and the task was incredibly daunting and scary, not to mention time consuming.  Who was a legit factory & seller of products and who was just a scam?  The only thing you have to go on is essentially luck.

 However, now is now in a position where we have an extensive knowledge of factories in China and to help us even more we have a dedicated Product Buyer who checks all of our factories and products.  However, we are expanding and as such we want to provide a service where we will source all the products for you and ship everything to you.  This means there is ZERO stress and worry for you.  Here’s the process outlined below:

1)      You email/add us on skype ( & JooVuu) with what products you want to source or find (it can be anything).   It can be from a sample product to buying 100,000+ of something.  It does not matter.

2)      We go out and look (completely free of charge) and see what we can find.  Once we have found your product(s) we will give a rough cost.  If you agree you send the payment of $90 (our brokerage fee) + the cost of the products. If paid by PayPal a 4% charge will be added to cover the PayPal fee.  If wired into our bank account there will be no charge.

3)      Once the money is received we place the order and ship to you.

We promise five things:

A)     We DO NOT make money off shipping – if you would like to use your own shipping provider that is fine. We have no interest in making money off shipping.

B)      We will NOT make money off the products we source for you.  We again have no interest in making your products more expensive.

C)      We will keep you fully updated.  We will be honest from the first email to the last.


Break down of costs:

-          $90USD per day of sourcing (most products can be found in one day).

-          $20USD re-order fee. If you ever want to re-order any of the products again we just charge a 20USD fee.

-          FREE – After buying support


Any questions please:


Skype: JooVuu